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AlphaBOX Alphabet Readers 26 Book Collection

AlphaBOX Alphabet Readers 26 Book Collection

SKU: 978-1-948023-27-6
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This captivating 26-book series of alphabet books is aimed at very young children, English Language Learners, and beginning readers. The illustrations and vocabulary have been specially designed to develop phonetic and language awareness. 


Each of the 26 books comes with:
- A free audio reading, by using a QR code on the inside cover of each book to allow beginning or ESL readers to follow along  
- 26 Letter Actions that provide physical movement learning opportunities 
- 26 Creative craft projects that reinforce each book's teaching objective
- An A-Z Reading Level (in this series, books are from level A-D)


All of our books and resources use the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) inclusive principle. The goal of UDL is to provide multiple means of teaching methods and materials to remove any barriers to learning and give all children equal opportunities to grow. ​UDL resources can be helpful for all kids, including English Language Learners and kids with diverse learning and attention abilities. 


Our book and curriculum characters represent the beautiful diversity that is found in our world, so every child feels included!


Children, parents, and teachers will love discovering each new book in this series with its letter-themed vocabulary and clever illustrations!

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