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Residing in Rome, H.P. Gentileschi is a dedicated American author, mother of two bilingual children, and an experienced bilingual educator. With nearly three decades in the educational field, she has also established her own English language school for children in Rome, where interactive learning and individualized attention converge.


Her career has spanned continents, working with young learners in diverse locations such as Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the USA. Currently, she teaches at an international Primary Years Programme (PYP) IB school, where she enthusiastically embraces and incorporates global perspectives into her classroom instruction. Simultaneously pursuing a Master's program in Special Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students at George Washington University, she is committed to inclusive education.


Beyond the classroom, H.P. Gentileschi wears the hat of the Managing Director of H.P. Gentileschi Publishing House, where she combines her passion for education and entrepreneurship to create innovative educational materials. A few years ago, she was frustrated with the lack of quality resources to teach young English Language Learners how to read, so she developed the groundbreaking "AlphaBOX Alphabet Readers" collection, revolutionizing English teaching for children of various linguistic backgrounds.


H.P. Gentileschi is a valuable contributor and beacon for parents and educators striving to enhance learning experiences for their children. She hopes you enjoy her books, and please let her know your thoughts, for she believes that the true magic of learning and storytelling lies in the connection between author and reader.


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